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Gionee Mobiles

Gionee brought its expertise to India in 2011 and since then has become a recognised manufacturer of mobile handsets in the country. The name Gionee is synonymous with class and style and a very clean finish. There’s a choice of smartphones as well as feature phones that you can choose from and the sleek look and functionality of Gionee phones is quite impressive.

Known for their slim mobile phones, Gionee took a giant step in the market, introducing the “slimmest” mobile phone model. With superb features and great functionality, the phone received rave reviews and became popular as soon as it hit the market. Besides offering attractive handsets, the China-based mobile phone manufacturer is known to offer efficient handsets in an affordable range. Octa-core processors, AMOLED displays, latest versions of Android and all the features you could possibly dream of having in a handset are all offered in Gionee mobile phones in an affordable price range.

The ELIFE S series by Gionee has been, so far, the most popular series and the most wonderful of all the handsets in this series is the Gionee ELIFE S5.5. Incorporating all of the latest features, is the Gionee ELIFE S5.5, the “slimmest phone” in the world, which took the market by storm. This sleek handset, with all metal and glass body, redefines slimness and is a sure head-turner. A wide-angle 5MP front camera lets you take amazing selfies. The ELIFE E series offers phones made for shooting, giving you crisper, sharper images as well as Dual SIM mobiles. Offering a long-lasting battery are Gionee mobiles from the PIONEER series. The CTRL series includes ultra-slim Dual SIM mobile phones.

There is a range of feature phones to choose from as well. You can expect slim handsets, Dual SIM functionality and great battery life. Not only that, you can also access social networking sites or browse the internet on your Gionee mobile phone as well. Enjoy all this on sufficiently large QVGA displays.

Gionee mobile phone manufacturers, with their own mobile manufacturing facility and sophisticated equipment, are recognised as one of the best mobile phone manufacturers in China. With the constant innovation, research and development, the company is all set to conquer new heights in the budget phones market.

You can check out and compare features of various Gionee models online at You can even browse the prices and get one of the top deals before you buy Gionee mobiles online.

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