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HTC Mobiles

With no limits on innovation, HTC started developing and experimenting in technology by designing some of the first ever wireless touch devices. What’s more, HTC introduced the world to Android, with the first ever phone to run the Android Operating System and Microsoft 3G phones. HTC has since then manufactured phones with incredibly sturdy hardware, seamless designs, multi-tasking features and software. With every new mobile phone it introduces, HTC takes the touch experience one step further. One of the world’s most innovative companies, HTC is also the first mobile phone manufacturer to make handsets with 4G network support. Check out the wide range of the latest HTC mobile phones on and pick your perfect match.

When it comes to HTC phones, it’s all about the blazing speed and glitch-free performance. They sport wide screens with excellent resolution and high pixel density for superb clarity in images and videos. HTC has dominated the mobile phone market with its incredible smartphone series, like the HTC One, Desire and Butterfly, suitable for high, medium and low price ranges. In each of these series, HTC has integrated one or more exciting features.

The HTC Desire series gained immense popularity as soon as they entered the market. These phones are designed to serve all your requirements, be it gaming and leisure or business and organising. Integrated with Tegra3 Quad core processor the phones from the HTC One series promise you ultra-smooth browsing that’s double the speed of other processors. They are designed to deliver such performance with low battery usage. The Quad core processor also ensures that you experience the best HD video and incredible graphics on-the-move. All this is incorporated in a sleek form factor with a great camera that will crank out some amazingly clear images.

HTC has gradually pepped its phones up by introducing Windows OS, dual front stereo speakers and terrific graphics giving you an excellent gaming experience! These phones, running the Android or Windows Phone OS swear by extraordinary technology loaded with some high-end specifications catering to all that you would need in an ideal smartphone.

HTC has given tough competition to several top and popular smartphones brands. Brilliant processor, user interface and of course, the Android OS integrated into handsets of different make clad by attractive colours are bound to give you the fast-paced smartphone experience with a touch of style. Pick out your choice from the wide range of HTC Android and Windows mobile phones on

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