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Nokia Mobiles

Among the innumerable GSM and smartphone makers around the globe, Nokia has impressed the consumer market with some amazing phones. One of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia mastered wireless communication, incorporating various technological inventions like the QWERTY keypad, Bluetooth, camera, dual-SIM support and so on, gradually throttling to the more advanced Operating Systems (OS) like Meego, Symbian and Windows Phone. It recently entered the Android smartphones arena with the Nokia X smartphone series.

Boasting of attractive features assimilated in handsets with dazzling colours, Nokia mobiles were the first ever devices that gained fame for their user-friendly interface and sturdy construction, with great battery backup. Over the past few decades, Nokia has created a wide range of mobile phones with various features to suit any budget. Nokia India has adapted very well to innumerable shifts in the consumer market and technological reforms.

As a result of constant innovation, Nokia has immensely satisfied the modern consumer and emerged a leading manufacturer among top mobile phone makers. Nokia entered a strategic partnership with Microsoft in 2011, adopting the Windows Phone OS paving way for rigorous competition with iOS and Android phone market.

Integrating the Windows Phone OS in its handsets, Nokia has manufactured some terrific touchscreen smartphones for high-end, medium range to low-end budgets. The exhaustive range of Nokia smartphones includes the popular Asha and Lumia series which catapulted the brand to fame in the smartphones market.

The Nokia Asha series has both, smartphones and feature phones that are designed to accommodate a variety of upbeat features, at surprisingly low costs. The stylish and comfortable form factors and uber-trendy shades of the Nokia Asha phones literally changed the face of feature phones for the brand. These budget-friendly phones come with a plain sailing user interface that suit the requirements and can be easily used by individuals in all age-groups.

The Nokia Lumia series have been a great hit in the consumer market with features like next-generation screens, multiple-connectivity features, blazing processors and advanced versions of Operating System, to name a few. With the numerous applications available in the Nokia Ovi Store, affordable costs and more, the Nokia Lumia phones offer a great way of staying organised and in touch on the go, with family and friends or even colleagues and business associates brings you a wide range of latest Nokia mobiles and accessories in various categories with cutting-edge innovations and price ranges that are bound to leave you spoilt for choice. Compare mobile phones and also check out the awesome deals on Nokia smartphones and Windows phones offered only on

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