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Acer Tablets

Acer specialises in 'breaking down barriers between people and technology'. With a number of award-winning designs in personal computers, Acer also boasts of series of tablets. They are designed for fast and efficient processing and navigation and give you access to your files, music and other media while you are on the go. These mini mobile computers give you all the benefits of a conventional laptop, with the added benefit of portability. With an Acer tablet at hand, you can't be too far way from entertainment or anything crucial that you need to access while moving about.

The series of tablets by Acer is called the Iconia series. Acer Iconia offers sleek tablets, made for portability and convenience of use. There are two choices of operating systems in the Acer tablet series, Windows and Android. Whether you choose an Acer Windows Tablet or an Acer Android Tablet, you can be sure of a seamless experience. Browsing the internet, getting your work done, playing games and watching videos or reading ebooks on your Acer tablet will always be a pleasurable experience.

Acer tablets come in display sizes, ranging from 7 to 10 inches and the touchscreen as well as physical keyboards make these tablets ideal for reading and web browsing. Some of the tablets also feature a Full-HD display resolution for an enhanced viewing experience. They come with Dual or Quad-core, Intel Atom or MediaTek processors and RAM with 512MB to 2GB capacity for faster processing. These tablets come with a maximum expandable memory up to 64GB. All of Acer tablets offer multiple connectivity options for easy data transfers. While some tablets connect only through Wi-Fi, there's an option of Bluetooth as well. Some tablets in the higher range also come with a SIM slot and support EDGE, GPRS, 2G and 3G networks.

Whether it is creating something new or sharing, your Acer tablet offers a seamless experience. Gaming is another activity that you'll really enjoy on an Acer tablet, thanks to the wonderful visuals and fast processing time. For professionals, who wish to stay connected and work on the go, Acer offers tablet with office suite. View, edit and once you're done, store them safely on your gadget. All of the tablets from Acer come with Lithium Polymer batteries, which means, you can be sure of good battery life and always stay connected on the move.

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