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eBay Guarantee*

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eBay Guarantee*

While a majority of eBay transactions are trouble-free, there might be occasions when transactions do not work out as expected. In such cases, our eBay Guarantee Program will help resolve any such instances.

As you are aware, is an independent online marketplace where independent buyers and sellers transact with each other. does not manufacture, generate, own, sell, store, procure, possess, transmit, send or distribute the items/products listed by independent sellers in any manner. The Guarantee program is instituted to help users resolve genuine claims arising from transactions they have with other users on (“” or “site”). Guarantee Program is just a gratuitous/goodwill service offered by on a best efforts basis, to help resolving claims put forth by users related to their transactions on the site. Guarantee is a privilege from to its users and is not a right. Hence, no action or claim would lie against regarding provision of Guarantee. may, at its sole discretion and in the circumstances, it deems fit, provide coverage to buyer and/or seller with respect to the transaction(s) where is of the opinion that provision of such coverage to buyer and/or seller, as the case may be, is fair and prudent.

ATTENTION OF THE USERS IS SPECIFICALLY INVITED TO the following clauses (reproduced below for ease of reference), in Press Note No. 3 (2016 Series) issued on March 29, 2016 by the Department of Industry Policy and Promotions (DIPP) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India:

(i) Post sale, delivery of the goods to the customers and customer satisfaction will be responsibility of seller.

(ii) In marketplace model, any warranty/guarantee of goods and service sold will be responsibility of the seller.”

IN VIEW OF THE ABOVE, users should note that eBay being an online marketplace does not guarantee any items, goods or services listed on its site by independent sellers. eBay does not have any control on the items, goods or services warranties offered by independent sellers. eBay is not liable to provide any post sale services such as repair, replacement or refund of items or goods. However, eBay Guarantee program helps users for resolving their claims arising from transactions on the site.

Buyer transaction problems could be of two types:

  • Paid for an item and never received it; or

  • Received an item that is significantly different than what was described, such as ordered a new mobile phone, but received a used mobile phone.

eBay Guarantee* Buyer Protection Coverage Limit

For transactions where payment was made using PaisaPay, you may be protected for the entire transaction amount i.e. item price + shipment cost (including return shipment, if any) + convenience charge as the case may be.

Note: Buyer is requested to retain proofs of any offline correspondence with the seller.

In case of an “Item not as described” dispute the buyer will be asked to send the item back to seller. In such cases, eBay will make a best effort to provide additional assistance to the buyer, and if possible, engage with a logistic service provider to return the shipment back to seller.

If the buyer chooses to return the item to seller with this option through engaged logistic service provider, the buyer won’t have to pay any courier charge(s) to the engaged logistic service provider at the time of such return. Sellers will be debited the reverse pickup charges as detailed in this post.

However, buyer may choose not to return the item through the logistic service provider engaged by eBay or in the event the location of the buyer is not serviced by the logistic service provider engaged by eBay, then the buyer may make his/her own arrangements to return the item to the seller. eBay may compensate such return shipment cost in the form of eBay coupon. The buyer shall retain and provide eBay a valid proof of delivery of such shipment (valid proof means the buyer providing a valid and online track-able proof of shipment which should consist of the seller’s address, weight of the product returned and amount paid to the shipping company). On receipt of the valid shipment proof, eBay will investigate the same and at its discretion may issue an eBay coupon to the buyer equivalent to the shipment cost. Buyer can redeem this eBay coupon subject to coupon terms. Buyer shall not be entitled to receive this shipment cost in cash or any other payment mode other than aforesaid eBay coupon. Further, the extra charges paid for by the buyer (like octroi, custom duties) will not be reimbursed to buyer by eBay in any mode either through eBay coupon or otherwise. International return shipment cost shall not be reimbursed in any manner. The aforesaid facility to return shipment through eBay engaged logistic service provider or eBay providing eBay coupon is by way of a goodwill gesture by eBay and this act shall not at any time be construed as eBay being a party or in any manner responsible for the transaction between buyer and seller. eBay reserves its rights to recover such shipping cost reimbursed in the form of eBay coupon from seller.

Eligible transactions

  • You should be a winning bidder or fixed price buyer of an item listed and transacted on site (including purchases made on Global Easy Buy)

  • Successful payment should have been made by buyer for his/her transaction on the site.

Non-eligible transactions

The following items are not eligible for protection coverage under the eBay Guarantee* program:

  • Items paid for through payment modes which are not acceptable as per eBay acceptable payment methods policy.

  • Items that have been altered, repaired, discarded or resold by the buyer

  • Items which are picked up or delivered in person*

  • Intangible items, such as services or digital items

  • Double payment or overpayment

  • Buyer's remorse (items bought by mistake or if you change your mind)

  • The buyer has violated or found to be violating any of the eBay/PaisaPay policies or has misused or found to be misusing eBay/PaisaPay eco system (including members related account)

  • The transaction amount is already refunded to the buyer by eBay or through a chargeback being raised by the buyer for the said transaction

  • Buyer is not willing to co-operate with eBay in resolving the concern

  • Buyer has not paid for the item committed to buy

  • Technical defects in products which have a valid Manufacturer's Warranty or Third Party Warranty (to know more about different type of warranties click here)

Non Eligible Product Categories

The product of following categories shall not be eligible for coverage under eBay Guarantee* claims for Item Not as Described / Item Not as Expected reasons.

  • Personal Care Items like:

  • Women: Lingerie, Sleepwear items, Handkerchiefs and Socks

  • Men: Sleepwear, Vests, Briefs, Handkerchiefs, Socks

  • Body care & hygiene products

  • Face care products

  • Perfumes & Fragrances

  • Hair Care products

  • Books

  • Movies & Music DVD/ CD

  • Motor vehicles (two wheelers, four wheelers, commercial vehicles)

  • Product sold basis personal inspection by buyer

  • Food items and Perishable products such as cakes, flowers, etc.

Buyer Eligibility Criteria

  • The buyer should be a confirmed user of eBay from the time of transaction till the period when the protection is availed.

  • The buyer should not be suspended or terminated by eBay on account of any suspicious or fraudulent activities or in violation of eBay policies to deceive, defraud or cheat eBay or its users in any manner whatsoever.

  • Payout to buyer would be made only if there is no money which is overdue to eBay (across buyer’s eBay accounts) in case the buyer is also a seller on eBay website.

  • There should be no previous instances of chargeback raised by the buyer fraudulently on his previous purchases made on eBay.

How to request eBay Guarantee* Protection

Steps to file a transaction concern


Step 1: In case buyer has not received the item s/he has paid for, or is not satisfied with the item received from the seller, s/he has an option to report her/his concern by using an online request form to register the concerns by providing details of the exact nature of the concerns.

Within five (5) calendar days of item delivery for item not as described concerns; and within fifteen (15) calendar days from the transaction for item not received concerns.

Step 2: Once the buyer’s concern is registered, eBay will communicate with seller about claim been raised and enable seller make it right (“SMIR”) to communicate with buyer on eBay platform and offer resolution.

Seller needs to offer the resolution towards buyer’s concerns in four (4) calendar days from the date of claim (“SMIR period”). If seller does not communicate with buyer during the SMIR period, transaction amount will be refunded to the buyer and recovered from the seller.

Step 3: Once the SMIR period is over, Customer Service will review the claim eligibility and assist in closing the claim based on solution agreed between buyer and seller. Note: Non-eligible claims per Terms & Conditions of Guarantee* Program will be rejected.

eBay Customer Service will review claim within forty-eight (48) hours after SMIR period. Actual refund, replacement or any other solution will depend on buyer and seller preference and mutual agreement for solution during SMIR period.

Step 4: Customer Service will reach out to buyer informing about the claim being accepted for appraisal or reject on account of non-eligible transaction or product categories as per terms and conditions of Guarantee Program. Additionally, in case of Item not as described concerns the buyer may also be asked for his/her preference for refund or replacement. In some cases, the buyer may be asked to provide proof of item not as described. Customer Service will contact the seller about the claim being raised.

  • For Item not received, the seller will be asked to provide shipment details. 

  • For Item not as described, seller will be communicated to respond to the Buyers preference and provide the resolution (either replace or refund). 

Seller needs to reply to eBay with his resolution in next forty-eight (48) hours, else the transaction amount will be refunded to the buyer and shall be recovered from the seller.

Step 5:

  • For Item not as Described: Based on Seller’s response, the buyer will be informed to return the product back to the seller as per aforesaid process for return shipment mentioned under “eBay Guarantee* Buyer Protection Coverage Limit”.

  • For Item not received: Seller will be informed to provide shipment details failing which the amount will be refunded by eBay.

For Item not as described: upon receiving the communication from eBay to return the shipment to seller, buyer should follow the communication and return the shipment to seller in line with the aforesaid process for return shipment mentioned under “eBay Guarantee* Buyer Protection Coverage Limit”.

Step 6:

  • For Item not as described: Once the buyer returns the product to the seller and provides eBay with return shipment details, basis buyer’s preference so communicated and seller’s feasibility on buyer’s preference, the seller will either send replacement or refund the money to the buyer.

  • For Item not received: If seller does not provide shipment details, the amount paid by buyer will be refunded by eBay.

The money will be refunded within three (3) days of eBay receiving return shipment details. For Replacement: The seller will be informed to provide reshipment details in next three (3) days, else the transaction will be refunded to the buyer. For Item not received: Seller will be provided three (3) days to provide shipment details if payment is realized more than seven (7) days prior to buyer raising the claim.

Step 7:

  • For Item not as described: Once seller provides the shipment details for replacement product, eBay will contact the buyer to check if the product is received. For refunds, the money will be refunded to the original mode of payment. For example, if the payment was made by Credit Card, the refund will be sent to the members Credit Card. Once buyer confirms receipt of replacement product or refund, the case will be closed.

  • For Item not received: Once the seller provides the shipment details, eBay will check with the buyer on receipt of the product and close the item not received case. If not,  money will be refunded to the original mode of payment.

Three (3) days post refund  being initiated or replacement shipment details are provided by seller.

eBay Guarantee* Terms & Conditions

Under the Guarantee* Buyer Program, the following transactions are eligible for protection coverage:

  • Guarantee* program is designed to cover purchases made by buyer on or only. For purchases made on other eBay site(s), the buyer should approach the concerned site(s) for redressal as per the applicable dispute resolution process adopted by such site(s).

  • Guarantee* program is’s protection program which provides protection to buyers for valid and genuine claims for (a) Item Not Received; and (b) Item Significantly Not As Described.

  • Through Guarantee* program, does not provide any guarantee/ warranty to buyers for products sold on against technical / manufacturing defects.

  • recommends / expects that buyers read through the product warranty / guarantee information provided by the seller in its listings or contact the seller before completing their purchase(s) on

  • Through Guarantee* program, will not entertain claims of buyers who have incurred loss due to delayed shipment or delivery of the item by the seller.

  • Registering claims against sellers does not automatically entitle the buyer to a refund or replacement of product purchased. will verify the claim so raised and may process only such claims that are at’s sole discretion, valid and genuine.

  • For claims against sellers for Item Not Received or Item Significantly Not As Described, while verifying the validity and genuineness of such claims, may require the buyer to provide additional information. On receipt of such additional information that substantiates the claim, and where is satisfied that the said claim is valid and genuine, then will work with the concerned seller on a best effort basis to provide the product / replacement for the product purchased to the buyer. In the event the seller is unable to send the product / replace the product to the buyer, will provide a refund to the buyer.

  • shall verify the claim raised by buyers and for the purpose of verification has the right to inform buyers to submit adequate proof as deemed necessary by to substantiate the claim.

  • Claims raised by the buyers against the sellers after the timeframe for the claims under Guarantee* program [i.e., five (5) calendar days from the date of item delivery for “Item Not as Described” concerns, and after fifteen (15) calendar days from the transaction for “Item Not Received” concerns] shall not be entertained.

  • Guarantee* program has a time bound and definitive process and members are expected to strictly adhere to the timelines provided to the buyers and/or sellers.

  • Where the buyer or seller does not respond within the time lines provided, may close the claim at its discretion against the defaulting member.

  • shall at no point be responsible for any direct or indirect losses, expenses, costs of any nature whatsoever, that may be incurred by any buyer/seller.

  • shall be entitled to claim from a buyer/seller for any losses, costs, expenses that may have to incur due to any false/misleading claim and/or information provided by such buyer/seller.

  • It shall be buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the item is securely packed so that the item within the parcel does not get damaged. Buyer will be held accountable for any damage to the product due to deficient packing.

  • Claims of the nature of ‘Buyer remorse’ (i.e. instances where items are bought by the buyer by mistake or where the buyer chooses to change his/her mind with regard to the product purchased by him/her) will not be entertained through this Guarantee* program.

  • Communication with buyer and seller with regard to the claim or its status will be on their email Ids registered on website.

  • If has suspicion or knowledge, that any of its members are involved in any activity that is intended to provide claims or information that is false, misleading or not genuine, then while reserving its rights to initiate appropriate legal proceedings (civil and/or criminal) against member(s) and/or any other related member(s) or persons, may, at its sole discretion, suspend, block, restrict, cancel the user id of such member(s) and/or disqualify that member(s) and any related members from availing protection through this program.

  • reserves its right to initiate civil and/or criminal proceedings against a user who, files an invalid and/or false claim or provides false, incomplete, or misleading information. In addition to the aforesaid legal proceedings, may at its sole discretion suspend, block, restrict, cancel the user ID [and its related user ids] of such user and/or disqualify that member and any related members or persons from availing protection through this program.

  • Decisions made by under the Guarantee* program shall be final and binding on its members. No appeal shall be entertained.

  • reserves the right to modify (wholly or partially) or discontinue at any time Guarantee* program without any prior notice to its members.

  • The transactions of products offered with manufacturer’s warranty or Third-party warranty are excluded from Guarantee. These warranties provide repair and/or maintenance for a specific time mostly by Third Parties and NOT directly by the seller. The seller ties up in an agreement with a Third Party to service his products/listings and the cost of this service is included in the price of the product.

Points to remember:

  • eBay Guarantee* program will not cover Buyers for purchases made directly with the seller off eBay.

  • Buyer can raise an item not as described concern as well through PaisaPay by clicking on item not received button in My PaisaPay

Leaving Feedback after your dispute concern is closed by eBay

After your eBay Guarantee* dispute (item not received or item not as described) is closed, we encourage you to leave Feedback for the transaction. Please be honest, fair, and factual. However, buyers should refrain from using feedback as retaliation when the case is not closed in their favour. Please ensure you follow our Feedback Abuse, Withrawal and Removal Policy for details.

Handy Tips

  • Retain all the communication which you had with the seller for future reference.

  • Retain the Item ID and PaisaPay Transaction ID (in case of PaisaPay transactions)

  • Retain the copy of the payment proof

  • Avoid off-eBay sales, as these are not covered under the eBay Guarantee* Program.

  • Click here to register your concern online.

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