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About Selling Internationally
About your Seller Dashboard
Academic Software
Academic, beta, and OEM software policy
Accepted Payments Policy
Adults only policy
Alcohol policy
Animals and wildlife products policy
Anti-Circumvention Policy
Artifacts and Heritage Items
Authenticity disclaimer policy
Autographed Items
Avoiding eBay fees


Becoming an eBay Top-rated seller
Becoming a PowerSeller
Bonus Items
Bootleg recordings policy
Buying Digital Items


Can I create a second account?
Can I customise the way my reports appear?
Can I get Feedback changed or removed?
Catalogue and URL Sales
Catalogue Sales
CFC and HCFC Refrigerants
Chance listings policy
Changing your account information
Chargeback Recovery
Choice Listings
Closing your account
Communication Preferences
Community content policy
Comparison Policy
Compilation and Informational Media
Contact Information
Contracts policy
Cookies, Web Beacons, and Your Privacy
Copyrights, Trademarks & Your Listing
Counterfeit Currency and Stamps
Creating a Listing
Creating effective listings
Cross-promoting your items
Customs and Documentation


Defrauded Sellers
Describing Drugs or Drug-like Substances
Digitally delivered goods policy
Discussion boards usage policy
Dispatch Details, Delivery and Time Extension Abuse
Displaying your invoice
Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
Drugs and drug paraphernalia policy
Duplicate Listings
Duplicate listings policy


eBay Employee Trading and Community Content Policy
eBay Privacy Policy
eBay Privacy Policy effective before 1st April 2010 User Agreement
Electronic and surveillance devices policy
Electronic Surveillance Equipment
Email Threats
Embargoed Goods And Prohibited Countries Policy
Enabling Duplication of Copy-Protected Material
Encouraging illegal activity
Encouraging infringement policy
Ending a listing early
Event Tickets
Excessive shipping charges policy
Exporting Templates from Turbo Lister


Faces, names, and signatures policy
False Contact Information
False or missing contact information
Feedback Abuse
Feedback Abuse, Withdrawal and Removal
Feedback extortion policy
Feedback in Seller Terms and Conditions
Feedback manipulation policy
Feedback removal
Final Value Fee Credit Abuse
Firearms, weapons, and knives policy
FVF Credit Policy for System Item Not Received


Games: Sony, Sega and Nintendo
Gift cards policy
Giveaways, Raffles and Prizes
Global seller performance standards
Government Identification and Licenses
Guidelines for Creating Legally Compliant Listings


Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials
Help with Cookies
How can I sell internationally?
How do I pay my eBay fees?
Human Parts and Remains


I put my credit card/direct debit details on record, when will they be charged?
Images and text policy
Importation of Goods
Improve performance by solving problems
Improve performance with clear terms and conditions
International shipping and customs
International trading policy
Invalid and Dead Email Addresses
Invalid Bid Retraction
Invoice FAQs
Is my item allowed on eBay?
Item conditions by category
Item description policy
Item location misrepresentation policy


JavaScript policy
Jewellery, Precious Metals and Loose Beads


Keyword Spam
Knowing the rules for sellers
Knowing your buyer


Limits on eBay sellers
Links from an eBay Shop
Links policy
List of acceptable required documents for KYC (Know Your Customer) Process
Lock picking devices
Lockpicking devices policy
Looking at your account activity


Mailing lists and personal information policy
Making a One-Time Payment
Making a Second Chance Offer
Managing your selling activity
Marketing Tools Overview
Medical Drugs & Devices Policy
Medical drugs, devices, and healthcare policy
Member-to-member contact policy
Misleading Titles
Misrepresentation of Identity
Mobile Device Additional End-User License Terms – United States
Mobile Rules & Policies
Movies & Music
Multiple Listing Fees Avoidance Policy


No item listings policy
No PaisaPay Refund for Delivered Items
Non-Binding Bid Policy
Non-Paying Bidder Policy
Non-Selling Seller


Offensive Material
Offers to buy or sell outside of eBay
Outage Policy


Packaging Tips
Paying tax on eBay purchases
Paying with eBay Gift Vouchers
Payment Refund
Payment Surcharges
Picture policy
Police, Army, Navy, Airforce Related Items
Presale listings policy
Privacy Central
Profanity policy
Profile policy
Prohibited Services
Promoting your eBay Store
Providing Item Condition
Publishing Contact Information
Publishing contact information policy


Real Estate
Real Estate Fees
Receiving a Final Value Fee Credit
Recordable media policy
Refurbished Goods Policy
Regulated and Restricted Items - Overview
Reinstating your account
Relisting your item
Replicas, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies policy
Responding to Feedback
Rules about intellectual property – overview
Rules for listings


Sales Outside of eBay
Satellite and Cable TV Descramblers
Search and browse manipulation policy
Search Manipulation - Key Word Spamming
Security and Security Certificates
Selecting a Category
Selecting a listing duration
Selecting a selling format
Selecting buyer requirements
Selecting Payment Methods You’ll Accept
Seller Non-Performance
Seller Performance and Consequences Policy
Seller performance and feedback policy
Seller protection policy
Seller Registration
Seller Vetting
Selling art policy
Selling Digital Items
Selling practices policy
Selling using a fixed price
Shill bidding policy
Shipping Internationally
Sign Posts
Site interference policy
Solicitation of Off-site Sales
Specifying Your Return Policy
Stolen Property
Suspended accounts


The Seller registration KYC (Know Your Customer) process
Tobacco and smoking accessories policy
Transaction Interception
Transaction Interference


Unauthorised Copies
Underage Users
Unpaid Item
Unpaid Item Dispute
Unsolicited Email (Spam)
Unwelcome and malicious buying policy
Updating Contact Information
Used clothing policy
User IDs
User Privacy Notice
Using multiple accounts
Using My eBay
Using Picture Pack
Using Promotion Boxes in Your Shop
Using selling tools


Want ads or trades
Warranties Policy
What are the rules and policies for listing items on eBay?
What can I do if I think a seller’s shipping costs are too high or unfair?
Why did eBay remove my listing?
Writing a good title and description

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