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Selecting Payment Methods You'll Accept

Offering payment choices makes your listing more appealing, and most sellers offer more than one option. However, not all payment methods provide the same value to inspire buyer confidence. It's important to consider the buyer's perspective when selecting typical payment options. You should offer as many payment options in your listing as possible.

Buyers' questions about payment methods include:

  • Is it traceable and is there proof of payment?

  • Is it fast and convenient?

  • How secure is it?

  • What is the liability coverage in case something goes wrong?

For a comparison of payment methods from a buyer's perspective, see About Payment Methods.

Tip: Save time specifying payment methods by using eBay Checkout. You can set payment preferences for all of your listings using My eBay.

You can offer several payment options such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, debit card or credit card, as well as payment by cheque, postal order, credit card (if you have your own processing capabilities), or Escrow. You can set most payment preferences using My eBay.

Cash - eBay does not recommend cash or cash wire transfers as a payment method. The lack of transaction protections, and traceability represent major risks with little to no remedy for transaction problems (see Sending Payments: Benefits and Risks).

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