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Discussion boards usage policy

If you intend to sell on one or more of eBay's international sites, you will need to accept, and we encourage you to carefully review, the User Agreement, policies, and other requirements of that site. You can continue to reach out to the relevant customer service teams on the respective eBay site of your listing or transaction, as may be applicable to the nature of your query.

Policy overview

The eBay discussion boards are a place where you can connect with other eBay members, ask for guidance from other eBay members, and learn more about other members' eBay experiences and best practices. By following our values, the entire eBay community can keep the boards a helpful, educational, and enjoyable place to meet and discuss.

Find out how you can post to our discussion boards. Members who want to post to an eBay discussion board or in the Answer Center must follow the discussion boards usage policies outlined in the guidelines section below.

If you think a discussion board post violates this policy, click the Report link in the post. If you want to get in touch with eBay about another issue, you can contact eBay Customer Service.

When you participate in any eBay Group, it's important that you follow the Groups usage policy. Other member-created submissions are covered under the community content policy.

Make sure you follow these guidelines. If you don't, you may be subject to a range of actions, including removal of posts or other content, temporary or permanent access to our community areas, limits on your buying and selling privileges, and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?



  • Threads and posts dedicated to community projects.

  • Posts that respect the privacy of all eBay members and are courteous toward members, community projects, and initiatives.

  • Posts that follow the spirit of our values.

  • One thread per community project per board.


  • You can generally advertise an eBay listing that is directly related in benefiting a community project, but you can't post the item number or a link to the listing.

    • The ad must directly relate to the community project, and can only be mentioned once per thread per board

Not allowed

  • Advertising items, listing, services, or commercial websites, including offers to trade, "wanted" posts, or charitable solicitations (see more information about charitable projects below)

  • Attempting to impersonate eBay staff or other eBay members

  • Creating additional user IDs to avoid posting limits

  • Discussing ways of getting around eBay policies

  • Discussing or reposting deleted posts or warning letters

  • Discussing restricted or suspended members, or members who are no longer registered

  • Enabling, encouraging, or instructing others to leave eBay so that they can sell, buy, or participate on sites other than eBay that includes the sale of merchandise, auction-style listings or services, such as off-eBay forums, off-eBay groups, and other sites

  • Encouraging others to violate eBay policies or the eBay User Agreement

  • Hostile comments and interpersonal disputes

  • Posting an individual's contact information or email address

  • JavaScript or active code

  • Misusing the Report link to maliciously or frivolously report posts

  • Posting email content from other individuals

  • Posting information about member or listing violations (Instead, please review our policies and report the violation by contacting us)

  • Posting material that in any way violates the eBay User Agreement or our values

  • Posting web addresses (URLs), websites, or item numbers in the title of a post or threaded discussion

  • Refusing to follow eBay staff instructions

  • Repetitive, disruptive, or inappropriate threads

  • Unacceptable images or text

  • Other actions that interfere with site operations

When members feel that they can't discuss their group project freely enough on a discussion board, the use of a public eBay Group should be considered. However, it's important that they follow the Groups usage policy.


  • Group projects to support charitable causes of an established nonprofit organization

  • Threads and posts dedicated to group projects

  • Posts that are respectful of the privacy of all eBay members, as well as courteous toward members, group projects, and initiatives

  • One thread per group project per board


  • You can generally advertise an eBay listing that is directly related to helping to benefit a group project, but you can't post the item number or the link to the listing.

    • The ad must directly relate to the group project, and can only be mentioned once per thread per board

  • Web addresses (URLs) of websites being used to promote or organize a group project are allowed, but the website can't promote activity that would violate the User Agreement

Not allowed

  • Attempting to get around our policies by disguising solicitations, using euphemisms, or other methods

  • Solicitations created by a group to help an individual in need

  • Solicitations created by an individual to help with their own specific needs

  • Posts and threads about fundraising for charities that aren't recognized




  • Discussions about what is needed for a recognized community project are allowed, but solicitations for goods, services, or money aren't allowed if they're not related to a community project or charity.

Not allowed

  • Attempting to get around our policies by disguising solicitations, using euphemisms, or other methods

  • Solicitations created by a group to help an individual in need

  • Solicitations created by an individual to help with their own specific needs

  • Posts and threads about fundraising for charities that aren't recognized


Not allowed

Any content that is obscene, pornographic, or adult in nature, including:

  • Photographs

  • Graphics

  • Text

  • Cartoons

  • Comic art

  • Drawings or paintings

  • Off-color jokes

  • Links to obscene, pornographic, or adult materials

  • Blatant double entendre or other attempts to hide or misspell content that isn't allowed

  • Suggestive titles, even when created as jokes


Not allowed

  • Profanity

  • Vulgarity

  • Hate or racist speech

  • Disruptive or hostile comments

  • Threats of violence

  • Interpersonal disputes

  • Attempts to hide or misspell offensive content

  • Offensive language in user IDs

We remove posts immediately if they contain unacceptable language that is offensive in nature.
Please click the report link within the post to alert us about members whose user IDs or posts contain inappropriate language. Please don't repost offensive language or inappropriate user IDs in a new post. This is a violation of our policy, and your posts may be removed. In such situations, please refer to the member by the timestamp on the post. You should also report the member to our Customer Service team.
Signatures are repeated text or images that appear every time you post something to a thread. They can be included manually or through the tool that provides the signature. eBay offers a place where you can create a signature in the Settings section of the eBay discussion boards. You may need to sign in to your account to access these settings.
The purpose of using a signature is to tell other members something about you and your posts that they may find interesting, pleasant, funny, thoughtful, or helpful.
We want each board community to work together to define acceptable behavior and establish etiquette so that all members can enjoy signatures without being inconvenienced by them. We allow some flexibility for our community members to agree on certain signature guidelines within each discussion board. One type of signature may be accepted on one discussion board, but not accepted on another.


  • Signatures that don't exceed a total area of 50x220 pixels

  • Static signatures

  • One link to somewhere within eBay:

    • The link can be to a list of items being sold, an eBay Store, eBay search results, or an eBay Group.


Blinking, moving, or other changing signatures may be of concern to community members who have slower Internet connections, slower computers, or use text readers.

  • These types of signatures may be used within a board community where the signature is accepted and welcomed by all members in that board.

Not allowed

  • Signatures that don't follow the guidelines of our policies

  • Signatures containing active code, scripts, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, mouseovers, tracking mechanisms, audio files, cookies, or any type of code other than plain HTML used in standard ways

  • Signatures with code written to bypass board filters

  • Signatures containing representation of a website address, even if it is your user ID or eBay Store name

  • Third-party credits within a signature

  • Links to sites outside eBay or more than one link in a signature

If there is a problem with a signature in a post, we may remove it if:
  • The signature includes something that is specifically prohibited

  • The signature exceeds the guidelines for size or content

  • The signature doesn't match the guidelines agreed upon by the members of that discussion board

Please be mindful of the board community where you are posting. For example, if it's not the normal practice of a specific community board to use large or flashy signatures, then posting such a signature can be considered disruptive.
Exception: Sometimes members add a "help post" to a thread on the Discussion Boards to provide members with access to various helpful resources. This isn't considered a "signature" and falls outside these guidelines.


  • Content posted to eBay's public discussion boards or Answer Center by eBay members is solely the opinion and responsibility of the author.

  • eBay reserves the right to remove any post for any reason without warning or notice.

  • User IDs with Feedback scores lower than 10 are limited to 10 posts per day in the discussion boards.

  • A restriction or suspension of one user ID will apply to all user IDs registered to the member and may apply to other eBay members in the same household.

  • The use of false registration information or creation of multiple accounts for use on eBay's discussion boards for the purpose of disruption or to avoid detection may result in permanent restriction or suspension of all associated registered accounts.

  • Only persons aged 18 years or older may post to the boards, even if an adult actually owns the registration or an underage person has some type of parental or guardian permission.

  • Reporters, researchers, and third-party representatives need permission before posting or emailing members in an official capacity.

  • Posting copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright owner isn't allowed.


We've always tried to stay true to our values. As part of this effort, eBay created this policy as a means to encourage and maintain an enjoyable and safer environment in the community forums where there can be open and honest communication among all members.

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