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Feedback Abuse, Withdrawal and Removal

We ask that eBay members use caution and good judgment when leaving feedback. eBay is not legally responsible for the remarks that users post on its site and feedback will only be considered for removal if the comment meets the guidelines set in our Feedback Removal policy. Although each individual is ultimately responsible for the feedback he or she leaves, in the interest of our community, eBay has some basic rules regarding feedback.

Under the Feedback Abuse policy, the following practices are not permitted:

  • Use of inappropriate language - Use of profanity, patently vulgar language, or language that is racist, hateful, sexual or obscene. Although it is discouraged, this does not include inflammatory language such as "liar" or "thief."

  • References to an eBay or law enforcement investigation - For example, "eBay is investigating this person."

  • Publishing contact information - In the interest of the privacy of our members, users may not publish contact information within a feedback comment.

  • Links - Feedback comments may not include pictures, JavaScript or links of any kind.

  • Comments not related to eBay - Any comment related to a commercial transaction that was not conducted on eBay. This includes references to other auction services as well as feedback that advertises goods or services sold by someone other than the user for whom feedback was left.

  • Campaigns to harass - Participating in an eBay transaction with the intent to leave feedback as part of a campaign to harass one or more members.

  • Response abuse - Posting a response on one or more feedback comments to make additional remarks about another transaction.

  • Negative statements within Feedback left for a buyer that conflict with the positive rating

To report Feedback Abuse and request that a comment be reviewed for removal, please review the Feedback Removal page. A link is provided on that page that will allow you to make your report.

After receiving your report, eBay will consider the circumstances of the alleged offence. Disciplinary action may result in a formal warning, a temporary suspension, or an indefinite suspension. If a complaint cannot be proven with certainty, it is possible that no action will be taken. Due to privacy issues, eBay will be unable to discuss the result of the investigation.

Please be aware that evidence of Feedback Abuse does not guarantee removal of the feedback comment. Although eBay will review the comment for removal at your request, feedback will only be considered for removal if it falls within the guidelines of our Feedback Removal policy.

Related Feedback Offenses

  • Feedback Manipulation - Offering to buy, sell, or trade feedback undeservedly

  • Feedback Extortion - Demanding action that is not required of another user at the threat of leaving negative feedback

  • Shill Bidding - The use of secondary eBay Member IDs or other eBay members to artificially raise the price of an item or a user's feedback rating

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Listing cancellation

  • Limits on account privileges

  • Account suspension

  • Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings

  • Loss of PowerSeller status

  • Any other action which may deemed necessary in eBay’s discretion

Feedback Abuse

  • A member includes another member’s name or phone number in a feedback comment. eBay will remove the feedback upon request of the member.

  • A seller blocks a buyer from bidding on his items using the eBay blocked bidder feature. The buyer creates another User ID to get around the block, wins the item and then leaves negative feedback. eBay will remove the feedback upon request of the seller.

Feedback abuse and removal

Feedback that meets any of the circumstances below is feedback abuse and may be subject to removal. Feedback that doesn't meet any of the reasons outlined below will not be removed:

  • eBay is provided with a valid court order finding that the disputed feedback is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal.

  • The feedback comment contains profane, vulgar, obscene, or racist language or adult material. Inflammatory language, such as "fraud, liar, cheater, scam artist, con man" etc., while strongly discouraged, will not be removed.

  • The feedback comment contains personal identifying information about another member, including real name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.

  • The feedback makes reference to an eBay or law enforcement organisation investigation.

  • A member couldn’t be contacted at the time of the transaction

  • The feedback comment contains links or scripts.

  • Negative feedback intended for another member will be considered for removal only in situations where the member responsible for the mistaken posting informs eBay of the error and has already placed the same feedback for the correct member.

  • A member left negative or neutral Feedback intended for another member, informed us of the error, and has already placed the same Feedback for the correct memberA member was under 18, and therefore unable to form a legally binding contract, when the bidding ended or when Feedback was left.

  • Feedback left by users who are indefinitely suspended for certain policy violations within 90 days of registration. eBay takes the position that members who are indefinitely suspended soon after registration shouldn't be able to permanently impact another member's account.

  • If eBay suspends a member, all their negative and neutral Feedback from the site given by the member will be removed. If a member is suspended within 90 days of registration, all their Feedback will be removed.

  • eBay receives a valid court order requesting Feedback Removal.

  • Feedback left by a person ineligible to participate in eBay transactions, according to the eBay User Agreement, at the time of the transaction or the time the feedback was left.

  • A buyer fails to respond to the Unpaid Item claim.

  • When communication or comments left by the buyer within the Unpaid Item Dispute Console undermine the integrity of the Unpaid Item process and the eBay Feedback system.

  • Unjust feedback received by the seller due to eBay technical / processing related delays.

  • Feedback received by the seller due to:

    (a)  delay in delivery

    (b) item lost in transit or

    (c) damaged in transit, where the Seller has availed PowerShip facility for shipment.

  • Feedback left by a member who provided eBay with false contact information and could not be contacted.

  • Feedback left by a member who bid on or purchased an item solely to have the opportunity to leave negative feedback for the seller, with no intention of completing the transaction.

  • Negative or neutral Feedback left by users who are later suspended by eBay. This feedback may later be reinstated, if the suspended member is reinstated, at eBay's discretion.

  • Negative or neutral feedback left by the buyer, for technical defect in the product which is covered under valid manufacturing warranty/ guaranty and  where seller has provided all the relevant documents to the buyer which is required by the buyer to avail such warranty/ guaranty from the manufacturer/supplier as the case may be

  • Negative or neutral feedback left by the buyer, due to delay in item delivery which was caused by circumstances beyond the seller’s control such as Bad weather conditions, natural calamity, change in Government rules / policies, Strikes etc.

  • Negative or neutral feedback left by buyer, for non shipment of the item, where the Item was shipped to the buyer shipping address but the item was returned undelivered back to seller by the shipment company because of non availability of buyer to receive delivery of shipment

  • The Item was not shipped as the buyer was from a Seller’s non serviceable location list & seller had clearly mentioned that item will not be shipped to Buyers locations in his listing

  • Unjust feedback received by the seller due to eBay technical / processing related delays

  • Unjust feedback left by the buyer when the eBay guarantee* claim has been rejected

  • Unjust feedback left by the Buyer post 30 days of item delivery (except for feedbacks left for transactions where seller has offered seller warranty beyond 30 days of item delivery & seller did not resolve Buyers concern)

Feedback is the foundation of trust on eBay. Abuse of the eBay feedback system undermines the integrity of the feedback system and decreases trust within the eBay marketplace. Though feedback is a member-to-member system, there are specific, limited occasions when eBay will remove feedback comments.

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