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If you intend to sell on one or more of eBay's international sites, you will need to accept, and we encourage you to carefully review, the User Agreement, policies, and other requirements of that site. You can continue to reach out to the relevant customer service teams on the respective eBay site of your listing or transaction, as may be applicable to the nature of your query.

Listing of food product / items shall be subject to the sellers procuring the necessary licenses and approvals and to comply with local laws and regulations relating to prevention of food adulteration, packaging and ingredient disclosure requirements. The items listed under the category “Food” sold should clearly state:

  • Name and address of the manufacturer / packer / seller (if the manufacturer or packer are not the seller).

  • Net quantity, in terms of standard unit i.e. in metric system (e.g. 500 grams, 10 litres etc)

  • Commodity description, including data about the commodity (e.g what is it, chemical composition if any, such as vitamins, minerals, dietary properties, etc.)

  • Warnings if the product does not contain any artificial flavouring, colouring, chemical preservative and/or products not suitable for children below 5 years, etc.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Listing or Want It Now post cancellation

  • Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings

  • Limits placed on account privileges

  • Loss of PowerSeller status

  • Account suspension

Manufacturer / seller gives a declaration, that:

  • Product is not sold by a name which belongs to another article of food

  • Product is not offered or sold under any fictitious name

  • Product is not an imitation or substitute

  • Product does not resemble in any manner or likely to deceive, another article of food under the name of which it is sold and it also indicates its true character; or

  • Product does not bear any false / misleading / deceptive, material / particular / statement, design / device regarding the ingredients or substances contained therein

  • Product is in accordance with the requirements of the Act / regulations and is not in contravention thereof

  • Product is within variable limits as laid down under this Act.

The manufacturer /seller held in storage should maintain prescribed registers and make available for inspection as per the Act and /or government regulations.

The manufacturer / seller follows the laws of the land in general and those relating to the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006, The Standard of Weights and Measures Act, 1976, and Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 in particular.

eBay urges its sellers and buyers to comply with all governmental laws and regulations. Since the sale of food products is in some cases prohibited, highly regulated, or may cause harm to eBay or its members, sellers are restricted in their listing of them on eBay.

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