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Links policy

If you intend to sell on one or more of eBay's international sites, you will need to accept, and we encourage you to carefully review, the User Agreement, policies, and other requirements of that site. You can continue to reach out to the relevant customer service teams on the respective eBay site of your listing or transaction, as may be applicable to the nature of your query.

Policy overview

In general, when listing items on eBay, you can include links that are solely intended to provide additional details about the items. Links should only be used when that information can't be included in the listing itself. This can include links to additional images, technical specifications, manufacturer warranties, and other information that can help buyers make an informed buying decision. Links that point to a third-party website, such as image hosting and auction template sites, are also allowed.

We don't allow links to non-eBay sites where other items are offered for sale. We continually review links on the site and reserve the right to block any link considered unsafe for our members.

Make sure you follow these guidelines. If you don't, you may be subject to a range of actions. We may limit, restrict, or suspend you from buying, selling, or using site features. All of your listings may be removed, displayed lower or not shown in search results, without refunding any or all applicable fees. You may also forfeit special account status and any discounts. You may be subject to the application of fees and recovery of our expenses in policy monitoring and enforcement.

What are the guidelines?





  • Links to sites and content that provide additional details about the item for sale, including:

    • Images

    • Technical specifications

    • Other product details

  • Links to warranty services

  • Links to shipping or freight information

  • Vehicle pricing guides (Kelly Blue Book, etc.)

  • Links to financing services or credit applications

  • Links to insurance services

  • Links to escrow services

  • Links to other eBay pages (see profile restriction below)

  • Links to eBay Messages (our member-to-member messaging system) to contact the seller for more information

  • Links to your other eBay items



  • A link to your profile as long you don't use language that promotes non-eBay websites or items being sold outside of eBay

  • Links to Add to My Favorite Sellers and your Stores page, as long as you don't promote non-eBay websites or content where other items are offered for sale

  • Links to third-party providers (image hosting, auction services, etc.), as long as you follow these guidelines:

    • The credit may contain up to 10 words of text (HTML font size 3) and a logo that's 88 x 33 pixels or smaller in size, but only one of them can be a clickable link.

    • The clickable link can go to the third party's web page that gives information only about the service provided for that particular eBay listing.

    • If your listing uses a counter or picture-hosting service, and the counter or picture contains an acknowledgement to your third-party provider, then the image has to be 88 x 33 pixels or smaller in size. If there's no acknowledgement, then the image can be any size.

    • The credit or acknowledgement can't contain promotional material and should only identify the service provided for the listing.

    • The credit or acknowledgement should be only for the service being provided.

    • The logo can't flash, move or be animated.

  • Links to video, as long as you follow these guidelines:

    • You must be the owner of the underlying rights, including intellectual property rights, or be authorized to distribute it by the owners of such rights

    • The video should be embedded in the listing

    • The video must be hosted by one of these sites:

      • AuctionMercial

      • Auction Video

      • Bing

      • CarTHINK

      • CreativeVideosOnline

      • Dailymotion

      • eCommercePlayer

      • Google

      • i2iAuction

      • MySpace

      • SilverDock

      • Snapfish

      • Vzaar

      • YouTube

  • Email addresses aren't allowed unless they're in the following categories:

    • Business & Industrial

    • Motors > Vehicles

    • Real Estate

Not allowed

Not allowed




You can include these types of links in your eBay Store's home or custom pages:

  • Links to your eBay items and pages

  • Links to eBay Store pages of other members (with their permission) on your Store's home page (up to 10 links) and on your Store's custom pages (unlimited links)

  • Links to Add to My Favorite Sellers and your Stores page



  • Links to web pages outside of eBay that provide information about your Store or service, as long as you're not promoting items being sold outside of eBay

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Email addresses (clickable or not) or contact links that go outside of eBay.

  • Including additional contact information or tools on your Store's home page or in any header area of your Store.

  • Sellers with Store names or logos that include ".com", ".net", ".org", ".edu" or any variations like "_com" or "-com" can't include their Store's name or logo in the title or description of an eBay listing or eBay Store home page, except with express permission from eBay. To request permission, please send an email to

  • Sellers with Store names or logos that include ".com", ".net", ".org", ".edu" or any variations like "_com" or "-com" can't activate the Store's custom listing frame.

  • With the exception of sellers who chose their Store name before our policy changed (on July 1, 2004), sellers can't use a web address as an eBay Store name.

  • Anchor Store logos that are used on the Shop home page have to include the official Store name, and the name can't include any of the variations of ".com" or other extensions like .net or .org.

  • Store logos and Anchor Store logos can't include phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

  • Store logos and Anchor Store logos can't flash, move, or be animated.

  • Automatically redirected links aren't allowed; Sellers can't link to other eBay items or pages through a redirect on their own site.

  • Quick Response (QR) codes.




You can include a single link to a page that gives additional detail about the terms and conditions of the sale. However, the page you link to can't include links to web pages outside of eBay, and the information on that linked page can't contradict the information in your listing.

Note: Remember that the most important parts of your terms and conditions have to be included in your listing, including shipping and handling information, types of payments you accept, terms of payment, and applicable taxes.

Not allowed

Not allowed

Quick Response (QR) codes




  • You can include links to social media sites, such as Facebook, from your profile.

Not allowed

Not allowed

Your listings and other eBay pages can't include:

  • Links to websites or pages that solicit eBay user IDs, passwords, or email addresses from members.

  • Links to websites or pages that encourage buyers to place their bids outside of eBay. For example, you can't mention "auction sniping" websites, because you have to use your eBay user ID and password.

  • Links or other connections to live chat systems. You may include your chat user names in your listing, but not a link to chat.

  • Links or solicitations to subscribe to non-eBay newsletters or mailing lists.

  • Links to websites or pages offering items that are not allowed on eBay.

  • Links to web pages that offer to trade, sell, or buy goods or services outside of eBay, including other auction-style websites.

  • Links to websites or pages that show material that is inappropriate for general audiences.

  • Quick Response (QR) codes.




If you use logos for any of the permitted links, they must:

  • Be 88 x 33 pixels or smaller in size

  • Not flash or move, with the exception of links to your eBay or listings

  • Not represent, brand, or advertise a website outside of eBay, except in listings offering a domain name for sale, except with express permission from eBay. To request permission, please send an email to .


Buyers expect to complete their purchase on eBay and have it covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee. Not all links are helpful or safe, and some links could give sellers an unfair advantage. This policy helps make sure that listings don't include inappropriate or unsafe links and helps keep the site fair for sellers.

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