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Duplicate Listings

If you intend to sell on one or more of eBay's international sites, you will need to accept, and we encourage you to carefully review, the User Agreement, policies, and other requirements of that site. You can continue to reach out to the relevant customer service teams on the respective eBay site of your listing or transaction, as may be applicable to the nature of your query.

This policy will be effective from June 15, 2013 00:00:01 Hrs IST.

Policy overview

Buyers need to compare different items to make a smart, informed purchasing decision. The duplicate listings policy is designed to ensure sellers don't list in a way that clutters the buying experience and hurts the overall marketplace.

Sellers at a maximum can have only one fixed price listing and one auction format listing of an identical item at the same time. 

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including

  • Listing cancellation

  • Limits on account privileges

  • Account suspension

  • Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings

  • Loss of PowerSeller status

These restrictions on duplicate listings include listing an identical item in different categories or listing an identical item using different user IDs.

What are Duplicate or Identical Listings?

Listings are considered duplicates if they are for items that have no significant difference between them. To avoid having your listings treated as duplicates, make sure you clearly show the differences between items in the title, description, price, photo, subtitle, product ID, item specifics, or in the parts compatibility areas of a listing. We may also look at other parts of the listing to determine whether it's a duplicate.

If the differences between the items you're selling aren't obvious in the search results, your listings may be treated as duplicates and will be subject to the consequences outlined above.

The following types of listings, if they are for the identical item, will be considered duplicate listings even though the listing format or details may vary:

  • Auction-style listings for identical items even if they have different ending times, start prices, or reserve prices.

  • An auction-style listing with the Buy It Now option and an auction-style listing without the Buy It Now option for the identical item.


  • Separate listings for items that are similar but not identical, as long as the differences are clearly reflected in the title, subtitle, price, photos, product ID, item specifics, or parts compatibility areas of a listing.

  • One fixed price listing with variations.

  • One fixed price listing offering multiples of an item.

  • Two or more listings to sell bundles or "lots" of items, where the lots or bundles are very different and clearly satisfy different buyer needs. For example, a pack of 10 envelopes meets a different buyer need than a pack of 100 of the same envelope.

  • Listings with more than one product number, product name, or brand in the listing as long as the item is specifically made to fit each product and the listing complies with our search and browse manipulation policy.

  • Separate listings for items that are identical except for condition, such as 1 new, 1 used, and 1 refurbished item.

 Not Allowed

  • Separate fixed price format listings for identical generic or universal items—such as AA batteries, generic lens caps, generic cases, and cables—listed as being compatible with certain products. 

  • Separate fixed price format listings for identical items compatible with several products or models where the same compatible models are displayed in all listings.Example: The following separate fixed price format listings for identical phone chargers that fit the Motorola RAZR, BlackBerry Curve, and Nokia 5310 are not allowed:

    • One listing for a "phone charger for Motorola RAZR, BlackBerry Curve, NOKIA 5310"

    • One listing for a "phone charger for Curve, NOK 5310, RAZR"

    • One listing for a "phone charger for RAZR, BlackBerry Curve, NOK 5310"

  • More than one listing for items that aren't significantly different or don't satisfy a different buyer need. For example, one listing of a quantity of seven #10 size envelopes and one listing of a quantity of eight of the same #10 size envelopes. In this case, the items should be listed in one a multi-quantity fixed price listing allowing the buyers to select how many they want to purchase.

  • Fixed price format listings for identical items with an additional item of insignificant value added to create a listing that appears different. For example, the following 3 separate listings for the same model Dell computers are not allowed:

    • The same model and condition Dell computer with a pen

    • The same model and condition Dell computer with a mouse pad

    • The same model and condition Dell computer with a package of paper clips

  • More than one fixed price format listing of an identical item listed separately by the same seller:

    • Under another eBay user ID

    • In different categories, although you might be able to list an item in a second category.

The eBay marketplace should be a level playing field for all members. The number of identical listings allowed per seller is set at maximum of 1 fixed price or 1 auction format listing so that a single seller cannot dominate page views (and the marketplace), thus making it more difficult for buyers to locate the full range of options available.

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