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Selecting a Category

If you intend to sell on one or more of eBay's international sites, you will need to accept, and we encourage you to carefully review, the User Agreement, policies, and other requirements of that site. You can continue to reach out to the relevant customer service teams on the respective eBay site of your listing or transaction, as may be applicable to the nature of your query.

Choosing an appropriate category is very important to your selling success.

Before you list your item, search for items that are the same or similar to yours and take note what categories they are listed in. Also look at the number of bids and the page-view counter (if shown) and select categories with a high bid and page-view count.

How to use suggested categories

To find an appropriate category for your item, click the Sell button at the top of most eBay pages.

  1. Enter descriptive keywords describing your item (for example, picture frame) into the search box labeled "What are you selling?" and then click the Start selling button. The Select a Category page appears.

  2. Select a category that best describes your item.

  3. If you don't find a category you like in the list of displayed categories, refine your search. Try using additional or more descriptive keywords.

  4. Select a category and then click the Continue button. Your category will be selected and you can continue listing your item.

  5. Want to reach more buyers? You can also list your item in a second category using the suggested categories. Learn more about listing in two categories.

Note: Selecting an appropriate category for your item is your responsibility. All items must be listed within appropriate categories. eBay may move your listing if it's listed in a category that is unrelated to the item you are selling.

Search Tips

Here are some search tips to help you maximize your search so you can find the best categories for your items.

  • Use specific words instead of general ones

    For example, a search for an Adora diamond necklace will return more precise search results than a search for necklace.

  • Be careful when using and, or, and the

    eBay searches for and, or, and the, just like it would any other word. Use and, or, and the, only if you are searching for items containing these words (for example, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

  • Don't search by the category name

    Searching by category (for example, Collectibles) will search for items, not categories, where sellers have included the word "collectibles" in their item title.

Previously Used Categories

Once you have listed an item using the Sell Your Item form, eBay saves the category you listed in so you can select it again next time.

  • A maximum of ten recently used categories are displayed.

  • When listing your item, you can use a recently used category as your main and/or secondary category.

  • After you select a recently used category, you may find that the options available for your second category may have changed. This is because you cannot list in the same category twice, so eBay removes the category you have just selected from the second category list. Learn more about listing in two categories.

Note: Please select your listing categories with care. eBay may move your listing if it appears in a category that is unrelated to the item you are selling.

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