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Improve performance by solving problems

When things go wrong

Most transactions go smoothly, but sometimes things go wrong. Problems can occur such as damaged or lost items, shipping delays, and other issues. By working with the buyer, you can help improve your buyer's overall impression of the transaction and avoid:

  • A buyer asking us to step in and help when they didn't receive the item, or when the item doesn't match the listing description

  • Negative or neutral Feedback

  • Situations where a buyer didn't receive the item, or a buyer says the item doesn't match the description in your listing

  • Negative or neutral Feedback

Solving common problems

Common problems Solutions

Item is out of stock

  • If you’re temporarily out of stock and you’re using the out-of-stock option on your Good ‘Til Cancelled listings, set the item quantity to 0. Otherwise, end the listing.

  • If someone has already committed to buy an item, let the buyer know right away that the item is unavailable for immediate delivery. Let the buyer know when the item will be available for shipment, or cancel the transaction and send a refund.

  • Offer a partial refund in situations where the buyer is inconvenienced by the delay.

  • Communicate with the buyer quickly and offer options to resolve the problem.

  • To help avoid the situation in the future, enable the out-of-stock option for Good ‘Til Cancelled listings in My eBay > Site Preferences and make sure that your item quantities reflect actual inventory available. When your inventory temporarily reaches 0, your listing is removed from search results but still remains active. When you add inventory, the listing is eligible to again appear in search results.

Item delivery is delayed

  • Contact the buyer right away to let them know there may be shipping delays, and provide frequent updates if possible.

Tip:  By including tracking information, you can provide your buyer with more detail on the item's shipping status.

Item arrives damaged or is not as described

  • If a buyer asks to return an item because it has arrived damaged or it isn't as described in the listing, work to resolve the issue right away. You can:

    • Accept the request and have the buyer return the item for a refund.

    • Give a immediate refund.

    • Offer to ship a replacement item if available.

    • If parts or accessories are missing, offer to ship them immediately, offer a discount, or send a postage-paid box for return shipping.

    • If the wrong item was sent to the buyer, send a replacement item immediately, and include a postage-paid box for return shipping.

Remember, you are responsible for ensuring the item is delivered to the buyer safely, so try to resolve the issue quickly. If you don't resolve the issue and your buyer asks us to step in and help, it may count against your seller performance.

The number of return or refund requests and PayPal Purchase Protection cases opened on your transactions can affect your seller status. Learn more about seller standards.


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