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About Selling Internationally

Choosing to offer your item internationally as well as to India may significantly increase the audience of potential buyers you reach. This could help you sell more items and command higher prices. For more information about global trading visit eBay’s International Trading resource page.

Listing Items for international buyers
Listing items so that buyers in other countries can see them is easy. Simply use the Sell Your Item Form as you normally would, except in the "Ship-to Locations" field of the "Shipping & Payment Terms" section of the form specify if you:

  • "Will ship worldwide" (for maximum buyer audience reach), or

  • "Will ship to the India and the following" and then select the countries/regions from the list to which you are willing to ship (provides larger reach than domestic only with less complexity than full international trading).

  • Review the prohibited articles list prior to selecting "Ship-to Locations" to become familiar with import/export restrictions.

Communicating with buyers

Selling to buyers in other countries means answering emails at odd times due to time differences and communicating clearly about currencies and sometimes overcoming language barriers.

There are two key features that help international buyers convert the price of your item to the currencies they understand:

  • Bids and prices on the View Item page automatically display in both the currency you specify and the approximate home currency equivalent for the site from which the buyer is viewing the item.

  • A buyer can convert all Search and Listings prices to local site currency by clicking the "Show all prices in local currency" (for example, Pounds Sterling on the U.K. site) link in the "Show" box on the Search and Listings pages of all non-India eBay sites.

Language translation
If you do not speak the same language as the potential buyer, you may want to use translation software to translate key phrases. Some translation services are available free on the Internet. Many are not 100% accurate, however, and eBay cannot guarantee their services. If you use such a service, provide simple, grammatically correct phrases free of abbreviations to maximise the chance of an understandable translation.

  • Review the buyer's feedback.

  • Consider the value/nature of the item.

Contact Customer Service

If you would like to ask a question on another subject, please use the Contact Us page.

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