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Sales Reports: Subscribing

Subscription levels

eBay's Sales Reports enable you to track your sales performance and optimise your business on eBay. Are you ready to subscribe? Choose the subscription level that best meets your needs:

Sales Reports: Get a high-level view of your selling activity and fees on a monthly basis, including:

  • Total sales

  • Successful listings

  • Average sale price

  • Total eBay fees

Sales Reports Plus: Get all the benefits of Sales Reports, plus in-depth information on a weekly and monthly basis to better understand your business:

  • Sales by category

  • Sales by selling format (Online Auction, Fixed Price, Shop Inventory, etc.)

  • Sales by ending time, ending day, and listing duration

  • Unpaid Item activity

  • Detailed summary of eBay fees and credits

  • First-time subscribers to Sales Reports Plus receive the first 30 days free.

For more details about the benefits of each subscription level, see our subscription comparison chart.

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Subscription requirements

To subscribe to Sales Reports, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have an eBay seller's account in good standing.

  • You must have a feedback score of 5 or more.

  • You must have sold at least one item on eBay within the last four months.

If you meet the requirements, subscribe to Sales Reports or Sales Reports Plus today!

Note: Be sure to subscribe on the same eBay country site where you are registered. For example, if you registered using the eBay India Web site, you must use that Web site to subscribe to Sales Reports.

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Availability of reports

Once you subscribe, your first report will be available within 72 hours and will contain your sales data from the previous calendar month or the month before it, depending on what day of the month you started your subscription. You can choose to receive email notifications whenever your reports are ready.

Here are some other important facts about the availability of your reports:

  • Reports are provided only for time periods in which you have maintained a subscription.

  • If you cancel your subscription, your reports will no longer be available unless you re-subscribe within 45 days.

  • If you're a Sales Reports subscriber, you must view your report at least once every 60 days, or your subscription will end automatically. If this happens and you want to receive reports again, you can re-subscribe. There is no minimum activity requirement for Sales Reports Plus subscribers.

  • Reports that you receive for a Sales Reports subscription will remain available online for up to 6 months. Reports that you receive for a Sales Reports Plus subscription will remain available online for up to 24 months.

If you want to keep reports permanently, you can print them using the "Print" link in the top-right corner of each report page. To print all of the pages in a report, you will need to go to each page and click the "Print" link. Sales Reports Plus subscribers can also download their reports to text files on their computer by clicking the "Download" link on each page.

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Changing your subscription level

Here are some important things to know about changing your subscription level:

  • Whenever you change your subscription level, reports that you received during your previous subscription level will be moved to the Archived Reports section. Just click the "Archived Reports" link in the left-hand navigation of any report to see them.

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Cancelling your subscription

We value our Sales Reports subscribers and hope you'll contact us first to address any issues before cancelling your subscription.

Note that if you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to access any reports. If you re-subscribe within 45 days, you will be able to access your historical reports again. After 45 days, your current and previous reports will no longer be available.

To cancel your Sales Reports or Sales Reports Plus subscription:

  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. Click the "Subscriptions" link under My Account.

  3. In the Active Subscriptions section, click the "Cancel Subscription" link.

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