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Writing a good title and description

Your listing's title and description are your advertisement for the item you're selling—an opportunity to inform and excite buyers. A good title and description provide a clear picture of your item and increase your chances that buyers will find and bid on or buy your item.

Writing an effective title

Make a clear, compelling first impression by writing a great title for your item.

Here are some elements of an effective title:

  • Use descriptive keywords to clearly and accurately convey what you're selling.You're allowed up to 80 characters, but you don't need to use them all.

  • Include the item's brand name, artist, or designer.

  • Include item specifics. For example, include size, color, condition, and model number. 

  • State exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name.  

  • Don't use multiple synonyms or plurals. It's not needed for search and may make your title less attractive to buyers.

  • Omit punctuation marks and asterisks.

  • Don't include words like "wow" or "look." Buyers don't search for words like these.

  • Use correct spelling.

  • Don't worry about creating a grammatically correct sentence.

  • Don't overuse acronyms.

  • Don't use all caps.

What to avoid in your title

Follow these guidelines when writing your title:

  • Don't include false or misleading information.

  • Don't include website addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers. The exception is the sale of domain names.

  • Don't use profane or obscene language.

  • Don't use the following words in an attempt to market or advertise your item:

    • Prohibited

    • Banned

    • Illegal

    • Outlawed

  • Don't use any other descriptive word that may bring into question the legality of an item by either governmental or eBay standards.

  • Don't include brand names other than the specific brand name used by the company that manufactured or produced the item you're listing. This is called keyword spamming and isn't allowed on eBay. These types of listings will be ended and the insertion fee for the listing automatically credited.

Learn more about our search and browse manipulation policy.

Writing an informative description

The description is your opportunity to provide buyers with more information about the item. Be sure to use complete sentences and correct spelling and grammar.

Organize information in paragraphs with similar information grouped together.

  • Start with the most important details that buyers need first, such as additional details about your item.

    • Include specific information like size, shape, color, age, manufacture date, company/artist/author, and notable features or markings.

    • Clearly state the item's condition, such as new, used, or still under warranty. Be sure to mention any flaws or repairs.

    • Be clear about what's included and the type of packaging.

    • Make the description as readable as possible.

  • In a separate short paragraph, consider including a story about the item, or why the item is appealing. Many sellers have found that adding a creative, human approach to their descriptions boosts bids and sales.

What to avoid in your description

Follow these guidelines when writing your description:

  • Don't say anything that isn't true. 

  • Don't embed pictures in your description. Instead, upload pictures to your listing.

  • Don't include information unrelated to the item for sale.

  • Don't use all caps, multiple fonts and font colors, and HTML. These things can make your listing unreadable on a mobile device.

  • Don’t include HTTP content. Either change it to HTTPS or remove it.

  • Don't include negative comments.

  • Don't include prohibited and restricted content (see our prohibited and restricted items policy).

  • Don't repeat information provided in other sections of your listing.

  • Don't include email addresses and some links (see our links policy).

  • Don't use item descriptions copied word-for-word from other sources (for example, ecommerce websites, other eBay listings, manufacturer websites, etc.)

  • Don't create lengthy descriptions, fine print, and surprises, which buyers may not read.

  • Don't include trademarked logos, unless you have permission to use them.

Examples of titles and descriptions

Example 1

Apple iPhone 5 (Latest Model) – 16GB – White & Silver Smartphone

A slim and stylish design makes the Apple iPhone 5 lightweight and easy to carry around.
- Phone is 4 months old and in great condition.
- Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
- Comes with charger and screen protector.
- Up to 480 minutes of talk time
- 4-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels  
- Packed with great features!
Example 2

Madelman soldier action figure in original box

Madelman, second generation. Very well preserved for its age.
- Arms and legs are OK, slight scratch on left arm.
- Height of 2 1/2 inches.
- The action figure is in the original box.

I'm happy to provide more pictures if requested. Shipping tracking/signature is included. Happy bidding!
Example 3

Portal 2 XBOX 360 – Original, Never Opened

- Portal 2 is a great first-person action game! Test your ability to think and act creatively as you use the wormhole creating portal gun to produce your own path through otherwise sealed surfaces and across the open spaces of the game. Oh, yeah!
- Game comes in the original box with instructions.
- Break the laws of physics in ways you never thought possible.
- The item is new and was a gift - I'm selling it because I already have it!

Please see my other videogames by clicking View seller's other items. Thanks for your interest!
Example 4

Levi Strauss Women's Medium Red Leather Jacket

Up for sale is this beautiful red leather jacket. This jacket is pre-owned and shows some wear around the cuffs, but is still in great condition – no rips, stains, or holes. Kept in a smoke-free environment. Loaded with swagger! Rock this jacket out on the town with your black jeans and moto boots!

Size: Medium
Color: Burgundy red
Fabric: leather
Lining: cotton

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