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Defrauded Sellers

If you shipped the item and your buyer claims that it was not received, please work with your buyer and shipping carrier to reach a resolution.

If you shipped an item and have not been able to receive or claim payment after 7 days, please try the following steps.
  1. Review the member's contact information and verify that the information corresponds with the shipping address provided by the buyer.

  2. Contact the service used to send or receive payment (if applicable).

  3. Contact local law enforcement in your area, as well as the buyer's area.

  4. File a complaint with Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC).

  5. Report an Unpaid Item to request a Final Value Fee credit.

eBay does not provide mediation, collect payment or otherwise force a member to complete a transaction. eBay will, however, review reports of attempts to purchase items using fraudulent funds and will take appropriate action in accordance with eBay’s rules and policies. If you feel that the buyer purchased or attempted to purchase an item with intent to defraud, please review the information on the Receiving Payments page and report the buyer.

Sellers are not eligible for the eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program. In order to prevent any potential problems, we strongly encourage sellers to verify buyers' shipping and contact information and ask that sellers wait until payment has been received and confirmed before sending items.

Contact Customer Service

Report listing violations or problems with another eBay member.

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