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Health and Beauty - Pamper Yourself

Stop worrying about your age, and start focusing on your well being. Whether you’re 25 or 50, taking care of yourself should be one of the top priorities. Browse through our collection of health and beauty products, and pick up the ones that best suit your well being.

Hair Care

Whether you have long, lustrous hair, or medium-length wavy hair, or short curly hair, taking care of your tresses is important. From oiling them regularly to applying a mask, make sure you follow a regime to get rid of hair damage and to maintain healthy tresses. Start from picking the right oil - if you have fine hair, use castor oil, if you have dry hair, try coconut oil to get smooth and soft tresses. The next step to include in your hair care regime is a hair pack. Use a hair pack once a week to protect your hair from environmental damage and dandruff. Once you have oiled your hair and applied a pack, you need a good shampoo to get rid of the oil, dirt and the pack. Try shampoos from The Body Shop, Schwarzkopf and L’Oreal to get beautiful hair.

Make Up

Flawless skin and wash-and-go hair are not enough to make a statement - you need a tad bit of makeup to get that stand-out look. A dramatic eye makeup or a bold lip color will make a difference in how you look. Got through our collection of makeup from brands like ADS, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown and NYX.

Skin Care

Don’t let the change in the weather show on your face - use skin care products to get clear and flawless skin all through the year. Browse through our collection of beauty products like face masks, beauty creams, body lotions, body oils and cleansers, and buy the essential skin care products for your skin type.

Bath & Body

There’s nothing like starting and ending a day with a hot shower - it’s refreshing and rejuvenating. Equip your washroom with body and bath essentials like body polishes, body washes and shower gels from brands like The Body Shop, Himalaya and Oriflame.


You know what’s a major turn off? It’s bad body odour. Don’t let people look down upon you - smell fresh all day, every day by applying a perfume or a deodorant. Whether you like woody fragrances or fruity ones, we have a collection of fragrances from where you can pick yours.

Health Care & Instruments

Why run to a doctor for little things like checking your blood sugar levels and body temperature? Get home health care instruments like glucometers, thermometers and weighing scales, and keep a track of your sugar levels, body temperature and weight regularly.

Personal Grooming

Tired of running late to work or college because you were busy drying your hair under the sun or because the salon wasn’t open to trim your beard? Get home personal grooming appliances like hair dryers, shavers, trimmers, hair straighteners and hair stylers from brands like Philips, Panasonic, Vega and Nova, and groom yourself at home.