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BlackBerry Mobiles

BlackBerry is a name synonymous with business smartphones. The Canadian manufacturer brought about a revolution in the mobile phone market by launching classy and highly functional business smartphones. Although, with the kind of smartphone experience BlackBerry offered, the phones were quickly adopted by the all sorts of users, making the brand immensely popular among students and other users as well.

Previously known as Research in Motion, BlackBerry has continued to push the boundaries to offer you a unique mobile experience. The brand is also known for its QWERTY devices and for offering the most secure enterprise solutions in mobile phones, which makes it the preferred choice of business phone among users all over the world.

BlackBerry devices provide a high-level of secure encryption to ensure safety during the exchange of business emails and messages. This feature has been BlackBerry’s unique selling proposition for its range of smartphones and now can also be found in BlackBerry tablets. Although, there are many reasons besides the security features, which make the BlackBerry Playbook – BlackBerry’s mark of success in the tablets market, popular among business and casual users alike.

The BlackBerry Messenger Service made messaging quick and easy. Also known as BBM, the service was one of the reasons for the huge demand of BlackBerry smartphones. And now with the availability of this service on platforms such as Android and iPhone’s iOS, the messenger’s popularity has picked up again.

BlackBerry’s latest smartphones include both QWERTY and touchscreen phones, so that you can type, navigate, scroll and click on your phone effortlessly. With sleeker designs, higher battery life, better efficiency and cameras and more storage, BlackBerry models renew the BlackBerry experience. And the plethora of applications now available on the phones, further enrich the BlackBerry experience. The newer models from BlackBerry incorporate advanced connectivity options, so that you can ensure maximum productivity anywhere, anytime.

The latest BlackBerry devices such as the Z10, Z30 and Z3 also boast some unique features like BlackBerry Balance, BlackBerry Remember, NFC sharing, Voice Control and more, which make the devices more intelligent. Besides these, the devices still offer trusted and secure communication, maintaining the same BlackBerry promise. brings you all the popular BlackBerry models in the colour of your choice. What’s more, all our products come at great prices, so that you can buy one of the best BlackBerry models for yourself. Pick your favourite BlackBerry device from today!

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