About Tablets

More Buying Tips

If you choose to go for a tablet with lower end memory capacity, you will end up saving a lot. You can always access your data through cloud technology.

If you are always on the go, you might want to ensure having 4G as a connectivity feature on your tablet. This feature will significantly increase the tablet pricing.

Viewing angle:
You should test the tablet by using it from different angles. Especially when a tablet is being viewed by more than one person, a wide viewing angle will make for better video viewing experience.

Pixel Density:
Tablets with high pixel density offer a sharper interface. The iPad Air and iPad mini have the Retina display feature to deliver a life like clarity and viewing experience.

Battery Life:
iPads are known to have the longest battery life with over 10 hours of performance (medium brightness). They are closely followed by the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Nokia Lumia 2520.

Tablets aren’t the preferred choice of device when it comes to capturing moments. Not only are they bulky, the quality of pictures is strictly OK in comparison to the best smartphones out there. The better performers here are iPads and Galaxy Note.

Screen Size:
Figure out what screen size would you be comfortable using. Will you be using it to read, watch videos or work? The size categories are diagonally 7-8 inches and 9-10 inches.

Your Tablet Buying Guide

Tablets are the gen-next gadget of the moment enabling you to access information at your fingertips and on the go! If you’re planning to snap one up, smart move. Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the right one.

The right OS for you

iPads are the most sought after tablets in the market today. They are easy to use but do not enable you to customize your experience. They are more expensive in comparison to other tablets in the market and for good reason. You can access the widest range of apps, even ones that are optimized for tablet usage. With a great mix of top-notch hardware and smooth interface, the iPad range of tablets sure make for an amazing experience. Recently, Apple also introduced the iPad mini and iPad Air.

If you wish to relive the same Windows PC experience on your tablet, then here’s your true calling. You can convert these tablets into ultrabook-style laptops. A drawback - the tablet app market is still not as comprehensive as the Android or Apple market. You have An OS choice between Windows RT and Windows 8. Tablets with Windows RT are packed with Microsoft Office for free. Windows 8 tablets deliver the exact same interface and application experience as a Windows 8 enabled PC. It also enables you to create multiple user profiles – useful when you have curious kids around. Being powerful devices, Windows 8 tablets are priced higher than iPads and Android tablets.

Three words to sum up the Android experience on tablets would be variety, customizable and economical. Variety because you have countless makes and models to choose from, customization because you can tweak the interface and economical in comparison to other tablets. However, not all apps on Android are enhanced to make the best of the larger tablet screens. So the 7 inch tablets might just deliver a better experience than the 10 inch tablets. Like Windows, Android too lets you create multiple user profiles but only on Android 4.3 version onwards.